Addressing Maintainability and Availability from a theoretical practical point of view. The program is made up of 6 thematic blocks addressed in detail.


  • Introduction
  • Definition and Calculation of Maintainability
  • Maintenance, types and applicability. Preventive-Corrective Balance.
  • Advanced Methodologies in Maintainability. Use of software and case studies
  • Definition and Calculation of Availability. Exponential base case.
  • Practical examples.

It is aimed at university graduates or highly specialized professionals (or equivalent), who require a complete knowledge of the methodologies and techniques for analysis of Maintainability and Availability for their activity.

The practice is based on the use of software. The student receives an installable and fully functional original of the SIM software. Applications available via the web will also be used.

DURATION: Three weeks

It is possible to complement it with classes and / or face-to-face activities

Maintainability and Availability