LONG NAME: The art and technique to develop risk-based inspection plans, According to ASME PCC-3 AND API RP 580/581 - “Risk-Based Inspection Technology” Editions 2017 AND 2016


Incorporate in a wide sector of the professional population and companies, the skills and tools necessary to increase the vision, capacity for analysis and strategic thinking, in the management of technical, physical and environmental factors that influence the Maintenance of Static Equipment Through the definition of Risk-Based Inspection Plans and the Evaluation of their Mechanical Integrity, as part of the components of the integrity management system for these assets.


• ISO 55000, ISO 31000 and API 581 Fundamental allies to generate value

• API RP 580 The philosophy of Risk Management

• IBR methodologies

• Typical Degradation Processes

• Determination of the Probability of Failure in an IBR Assessment

• Modeling of consequences according to IBR

• Risk calculation

• Monitoring points of fundamental key condition of success

• Inspection Plans Using IBR Technology

• Implementation of the Inspection Program

• Lessons learned in the process of implementing an IBR

It is aimed at Professionals with technical, managerial, financial, operational and production responsibilities of public and private companies, with basic knowledge in maintenance, inspection of static equipment, assessment of mechanical integrity, programming and planning of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.

DURATION: One month

It is possible to complement it with classes and / or face-to-face activities

The Art and Technique of Risk-Based Inspection

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